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  • theemberislandplayahs:

    I’m glad they didn’t turn Toph into some kind helpful old lady living in the woods. She’s still the Avatar-butt-kicking trash-talking greatest Earthbender in the World!

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  • red3blog:

    Hey, white Steven Universe fans. These are all the POC in the cast of Steven Universe. You notice how 3 of the 4 leads are WOC? Or how this is more than 2/3 of the extended cast of the show? Representation matters. Trying to litigate the racial background of these characters because you want to identify with them as white is fucking shitty. Stop it. White people are massively over-represented in TV shows and movies. We don’t need to steal back characters whose creators have deliberated coded as non-white.

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  • harryandee:



    Eminem eating M&M with others Eminems

    this is it. this is the photo that completes my life.

    We’re gonna have a problem here

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