Hey! Nice to see. I draw a lot of junk and doodles. Art, anime, soccer, fandoms, cartoons, transformers, video games, some fashion, comics, funny junk, awesome crap, pairings...You know what let's just call this a random blog






I mean I don’t wanna bother or anything.

I don’t wanna ruin the fun.

Okay this is way too sad, and I just want to make sure none of my followers ever feel that way on my blog. Please, please, know you are ALWAYS WELCOME. To chat, to say hi, to whatever. ALWAYS. 

^ This

YES, my blog is a community that is not exclusive to only mutuals like a lot of blogs I know of. It’s for EVERYONE! Please feel free to join in on crazy posts, reply, join in on ask games etc. In fact I WANT you all too! If you’ve never talked to me you could come in and say the silliest thing and I’d start a conversation :)


How most ships work